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Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

Yes, you can remove the crystals even before you burn your candle for the first time. 

If you find that you have a large melt area which is in turn creating a really low flame, extinguish the flame first and then tip a small amount of the melt pool out into your bin. This will return the flame to a suitable flame.

If you find after your initial two-three hour burn the melt pool is not reaching all sides evenly, gentle push the remaining soy wax into the existing melt pool. Give the candle a gentle swirl and you will have an even melt pool.

Using a straw or icy pool stick or something similar you can easily move the crystals away from the flame. 

After each burn you will notice a small mushroom appear on the top of the wick, simply snip that mushroom top off with a pair of scissors ready for the next burn session.

It is suggested between 2-3 hours the first time. You want your candle to create an even melt pool, right to the edges of the container. This will create a memory for your candle burn and will stop uneven burning occuring.

Your candle comes with a few crystals already added along with extra crystals separately. You can add more crystals to your candle as it starts to burn however the more crystals you add, the likelihood of an uneven melt pool can increase. 

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